Google AdSense site review is suspended

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Google AdSense has now stopped reviewing new additions to the site. If you have reviewed the site, you will receive an email like this after a while.

TITLE:Solve the problem to start using AdSense

Thank you for submitting your site for review!

We reviewed your site “—-” for AdSense.

As a result of our review, we are unfortunately unable to place ads on your site at this time. To be able to display ads on your site, you need to fix the problem.

For more information, please visit the [Site] page of your account.

For more information and tips on opening an Adsense account, you can check out our help article here.

We encourage you to review the content of the site and resolve the issue. Once the problem is resolved, you can request a review of your site. We will then re-check your site’s compliance with our program policy, so please submit it once you’ve resolved all issues.

For more information, see the AdSense Program Policy and AdSense Terms of Service.

In fact, when I open the AdSense page, I see the following message.

—site – confirmation required

Due to the global outbreak of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), Google is currently experiencing temporary delays on some services. As a result, we are unable to review your site at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

This means that there is no one to review the site.

Elsewhere, Google limited some features of various services, and the message “stay home for everyone” was present on Google’s search page.

Google seems to be focusing on combating the new coronavirus epidemic.

It would be nice if the new coronavirus epidemic could be stopped sooner and sites could be reviewed.


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